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What to Look for in an Anderson Pressure Gauge

Measuring pressure and vacuum is an essential part of the production process. Finding a high-quality Anderson pressure gauge makes a difference in efficiency and improved results when it comes to your finished products. If youíre in the market for pressure gauges, there are a number of things to look for including size, accuracy, and range. Read more...


Technology Behind Anderson Instrument Flow Instrumentation Items

At Lincoln Suppliers, we have seen a lot of changes in the sanitary processing industry since we first started providing parts and components for this specialized industry almost 50 years ago. Even standard items have evolved over time to be more accurate, efficient and to also offer a longer life cycle and less risk of device failure. Read more...


Filter Assemblies From Sani-Matic

In any type of sanitary process, each component of the system has to be designed with the process in mind. Choosing a small component such as a filter may not seem like a major decision, but with a wrong choice, it is possible to create problems in the quality of your product Read more...


Key Tips For Brewhouse Stainless Steel Fittings And Tubing

A lot of time and effort is put into the design, choice of equipment, and the pumps and tanks used in craft breweries of any size. At Lincoln Suppliers, we find that many of our customers are also paying additional attention to the choice of Read more...


The Basic Brewery Uses For Waukesha Pumps

While many sanitary processing systems have the same basic requirements, this is not always the case across all industries. One of the types of processing options that requires a more careful choice of each component in the system is the art of craft beer making. Read more...


Fristam Pumps Offer Superior Performance For Brewers

Different manufacturers become associated with top quality products for various types of applications. When it comes to breweries and brewers with a passion for making the best beer, Fristam pumps are the first choice in pumps and related equipment. Read more...


The Advantages Of SPXFLOW Shut Off & Divert Valves

At Lincoln Suppliers, we are often asked to recommend specific products for our customers in the sanitary and industrial processing industries. While some parts and components are very specific to one application or one industry, others are universal in their application and use. Read more...


Top Reasons To Buy Fristam Pumps

At Lincoln Suppliers, one of our goals is to choose the top manufacturers for our customers in the industrial and sanitary processing industries. By specializing in this market, we are able to assess the products from a range of different companies. Read more...


The Benefits Of Choosing VNE Fittings

At Lincoln Suppliers, one of our goals is to choose the top manufacturers for our customers in the industrial and sanitary processing industries. By specializing in this market, we are able to assess the products from a range of different companies. Read more...


What to Look for In Positive Displacement Pump Suppliers

At Lincoln Suppliers, we believe that our customers and clients should have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of different pumps and components from the leading pump manufacturers who specialize in sanitary processing equipment. Read more...


Choosing the Right Dairy Fittings Supplier

If you are in the dairy industry, you are sure to own specialized equipment. Because dairy processing facilities produce a beverage that spoils easily, several failsafe measures need to be in place. When pump parts and processing systems are needed, itís therefore important to work with a trusted dairy fittings supplier like Lincoln Suppliers. Read more...


Why Choosing Waukesha Means Choosing Quality

Achieving distributor status is not easy within the SPX flow brand. In fact, Lincoln Suppliers is one of only two certified Waukesha pump distributors in Minnesota. This certification ensures that we can offer high-quality positive displacement pumps and C series centrifugal pumps, along with a wide range of spare parts. Read more...


The Benefits of Using Our Sanitary Ball Valves

During our 44 years as a dedicated operation, we have won awards for the quality of our distribution of sanitary valves. We understand everything there is to know about butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, diaphragm valves, regulating valves, and pressure relief valves. If you need to learn more about why you should select sanitary valves, youíve come to the right place. Read more...

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